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The Bakehouse Bakery
21 New Street
Woodbridge, CB, CO, IP, NR, United Kingdom Phone: 01394 384398
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The Bakehouse Bakery

Has  been a bakery since 1974 and owned by skilled master baker Neil Moss who took 

over the bakery in 1989 and has been a baker since 1980.  


This lovely little bakery with very helpful and friendly staff is situated on New Street in 

Woodbridge close to the public car park near the library. We offer the 



*Suppliers to retail and wholesale

*Free delivery in local area

*Sandwiches  on sale daily and made to order· 


Types of Bread. We make the follwing types of  bread:


White: Farmhouse, Danish, Cottage, bloomer, sandwich, wedges, small rolls, 

crusty rolls, finger rolls and large baps.


Wholemeal and Wheatmeal (half wholemeal and half white flour): Sandwich, bloomer, farmhouse, seeded wholemeal, small rolls and large rolls.


Granary: Farmhouse, sandwich, coburg, bloomer,wedges, small and large rolls.


Speciality Breads: Corn bread, cheese & onion loaves, cheese topped rolls, pizza topped rolls.


Other Savouries: Our delicous pie range include steak& kidney, chicken & mushroom, minced beef & 

onion, cheese & ham, beef steak, vegetable slice, cheese & bacon puff,  Cornish pasties and delicious sausage rolls. These pies come from our supplier Wrights. 


We make on the premises: pizza slices and quiches.


Cakes & Doughnuts: We also make a large range of cakes, doughnuts, Dainish Pastries, muffins, loaf cakes, cookies, gingerbread men.  The variety of cakes can change on a daily basis.

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